SMA (Shape Memory Alloy)


A Revolution in High-Performance Thermostat

A thermostatic faucet mixes and maintains a constant water temperature. This minimizes the amount of water wasted in setting the desired temperature in conventional two-handle mixers.

TOTO's high performance thermostat uses the world's first SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) thermostat unit to minimize temperature fluctuations. It's also designed to prevent the water hammer phenomenon (Unpleasant noise occurring when water flowing in a pipe is suddenly stopped).


SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) Thermostat Unit

The SMA (Shape Memory Alloy) is a very temperature sensitive material which is deformable but instantly returns to its original shape when heated. Using this material shaped into a coil and a spring to act as a bias, this SMA thermostat unit is able to react rapidly to temperature changes.


With SMA, TOTO can ensure reliability where you need it most: SMA maintains a constant water temperature despite fluctuating water supply temperatures and pressure levels resulting from water being used elsewhere in the home.


The result is a water temperature you can rely on, whether you’re in the shower or washing your hands, without having to adjust it manually.