TOTO developed a WASHLET featuring Actilight technology – which gives the toilet active cleaning properties.


The WASHLET with Actilight works as follows:

Before use, the WASHLET sprays the inside of the toilet bowl with water (PreMist function). The film of water makes it difficult for dirt to stick to the ceramic surface.


After the toilet is flushed, the WASHLET sprays the toilet bowl with a mist of electrolysed water (ewater+). This water has an antibacterial effect.


The toilet bowl has a special zirconium coating with superhydrophilic properties. The film of water on the coating makes it far easier for the dirt to be washed away. 


A photocatalytic process is the next step in cleaning the toilet bowl. The UV light integrated in the lid combines with the water and activated oxygen to break down the dirt particles – keeping the toilet cleaner for a longer period of time.