Life-changing. That’s how people describe the experience of using WASHLET for the first time.
Once you discover the soothing comfort and sense of well-being that comes from cleansing yourself
with a hygienic stream of water, you cannot imagine going back to just using toilet paper.
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Life-changing technology that brings wellness to life.

Launched in 1980, WASHLET began a revolution. It was a concept so innovative and so intelligently designed that it reinvented the way people perform the most vital daily ritual of the day. WASHLET introduced the custom of cleansing washing to a world that had long relied on the less sanitary and far less comfortable method of wiping with toilet paper. Beyond the hygiene, this life-changing product brings a sense of harmony and wellness to daily life. By 2015, over 40 million units had been sold. In 2017, WASHLET was ranked the No. 1 spray seat brand in the world. Today, with focus on

Note 1: EUROMONITOR INTERNATIONAL. Headquartered in London. Global leader in market surveys with experts in 100 countries.
Note 2: “WASHLET is the world’s No.1 brand of electric toilet seats with bidet functions in 2017”
Footnote: Source: Euromonitor International Limited; in terms of sales volume, based on the custom research conducted in July - September2018 in the countries that account for more than 87 % share of the global electric toilet seats with bidet functions in 2017.