TOTO Ltd. was founded in 1917. For 100 years since then, TOTO has taken part in Japan’s modernization by achieving ideals of its founder to bring a healthy, cultural lifestyle to the Japanese people.To continue to develop in step with society, TOTO believes it is important to retain these founding principles and correctly interpret company history, both of which are critical to pass our corporate values to future generations. This museum was built with this goal in mind.Together with culture and history of plumbing equipment, we hope the museum provides visitors an opportunity to learn about the philosophy behind TOTO Manufacturing and how products have developed.



Museum Building

TOTO Museum puts the TOTO philosophy into practice to create a sustainable society through environmentally conscious manufacturing. Because TOTO’s products are used every day, their use leads to consideration for the environment. The fact that TOTO supplies environmentally-friendly products to people around the world is sure to change the future. With this idea in mind, we are heading toward the future with the role of plumbing equipment in mind.