The precise, pleasant, air rich stream keeps you clean. And it's always pleasantly warm.

AIR-IN WONDER-WAVE is a technology that uses air rich water droplets to produce a more comfortable washing sensation and deliver more thorough cleansing with less water consumption. Even more, water is warmed instantly as needed, so you need never worry about running out of warm water.


  • Convenience you can enjoy every day
  • Clean and fresh feeling
  • Self-cleaning nozzle
  • Reduces paper consumption
  • Especially suitable for hospitals and care facilities

High Quality Washing Function

Other Features

  • Antibacterial - The seat, nozzle head knob are all manufactured using an advance antibacterual resin.
  • Soft closing seat & cover.
  • Removable seat & lid - The seat and cover can be remove effortkessky firor an easy and quick cleaning.
  • Energy saving mode*

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