TOTO Kitchen


TOTO Kitchen Product Features


- TOTO Kitchen cabinets made by Germany E1 water resistance wood plate. Its outstanding performance no visible swelling issue even after two hours soaking in water.
- TOTO Kitchen blended the concept of life and design to achieve a balance between the space, objects, functions and the user.
- TOTO Kitchen provides many types of color range as well as the texture choice of matte and glossy.
- Every layer of the cabinets with a safety holes which enhance the safety of usage.
- To be environmentally friendly, the cabinets used combined approach to inlaid parts instead of using screw.



Melamine Face Chipboard (MFC)


Kitchen with MFC is a cost effective alternative to bring the warm feeling of wood texture. With the low formaldehyde emission level (E1 standard) board, both wood textures and solid colours are offered to beautify you kitchen set.



High Gloss Lacquer


Application of lacquer as coating material for wood surface is already well known, but difference handling will result in different outcome. With the high quality paint and advanced German machinery used in the production process of TOTO Kitchen, only smooth and perfect door finishing is offered.The finishing quality of each panel is ensured by the multi-layer process of lacquering. Sheen level for the lacquer could either be matt or glossy while the colour options are varied. Subtle kitchen technologies enhance the user experience on this state of the art interior. With unique glossy finish, hidden handles, recessed in-wall feature, and iPhone recharge are a new take on modern kitchen design.






Wood veneer is favored for its beauty texture that shows the natural grain of a tree. Using veneer, as opposed to solid wood, provides more benefit. It is more eco-friendly as the furniture production of veneer material requires less lumber. Apart from that, the use of veneer extends the design possibilities of a product since it can easily bended and the wood grain selections are also varied.





Back Coated Glass


Back Coated Glass kitchen set is ideal for those who prefer modern yet elegant look. Instead of common glass, tempered glass is used in TOTO Kitchen. It is striking to behold as it exudes the perfect glossiness and flatness of the surface. One of its advantages is its safety aspect; it will crumble into small pieces when damaged, providing an extra level of safety for your loved ones.





Cooking can be chaotic without proper organization of your kitchen utensil. At TOTO Kitchen,, diverse accessories preferences are available to help you solve problem; from a simple cutlery tray that acts as a divider for your flatware storage, into a multifunction pull-out shelf to store your food and spices. Your cooking experience will be entirely revamped.