TOTO, the world-famous Japanese ceramic sanitary equipment manufacturer, held an exhibition in conjunction with comic cartoon character Excreman at the World Trade Centre in Causeway Bay end of 2015.





"Spring: The grass is green and the flowers are blossoming, the perfect words to describe Excreman´s spring look.

Summer: Going to the beach and the sea is a must during the sizzling summer months, our summer Excreman has all the gears to go snorkeling and explore the adventurous seas.

Autumn:Winter is approaching and leaves are falling, autumn Excreman´s interesting headpiece is actually McDull´s spittoon.

Winter:With reindeer antlers and a scarf, winter Excreman is getting ready on the Neorest AH Intelligent Toilet for the Christmas festivities. "





"The Neorest AH Intelligent toilet has new functions for comfort and hygiene. The rimless bowl design can prevent waste and mold from sticking to hard-to-reach places, making it easier to clean and a more sanitary product in general. Also, the hybrid ecology flushing system creates a whirlpool effect to clean the toilet with only 3.8 litres of water, substantially less than most regular toilets.

Excreman, a human-shaped poo, originated from the local cartoon character McDull. According to TOTO, both TOTO and Excreman strive to bring happiness to people’s life and their respective role in the toilet are the reasons for bringing them together to have an exhibition."